Jerky Direct Review: Meat Your New Business?

Jerky Direct

I sat down to write this Jerky Direct review today and the most unusual thing happened.

If you are searching for info about the Jerky Direct business or products, then you’ve come to the right place.

Beyond that, stick around and I’ll share with you the strangest Jerky Direct story…

Jerky Direct

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Is Jerky Direct a Cash Cow?


I’ve earned a full-time income from home since 2010 through MLM and affiliate marketing.

One of my favorite things to do is to research hot new companies and see what they’re all about.

This is sort of a hobby of mine, but lately I’ve actually found a way to profit from my research.

Since I’m going to be doing the digging anyway, why not take a few minutes and knock out a blog post about what I’ve found?

That way, when you come to Google searching for information, you can read my blog and save yourself a lot of time.

While you’re here, you may decide to click on some other links and buy products I promote.

Enough people click on links and buy stuff to more than cover my cost of doing business.

You get info and maybe a new tool…I get money.

Everybody wins.  :)


Which Brings Me To Jerky Direct…

I actually heard about Jerky Direct a couple of years ago.

I remember a time when I was checking it out with my son.

My son Justin loves jerky, and I was about to order but something distracted me…


Maybe you’ve had a time like that.

when you were just about to buy something or do something and you got distracted?


Pay attention now.


I remembered from before that Jerky Direct has been in business for close to a decade.

And that the parent company has been around for something like 3 decades.

But what I remember most is that there were no frills.

No bells and whistles.

Just a simple business opportunity centered around a tangible product.


Then it hit me that a couple of years ago I had even whipped out my credit card

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I did not immediately join Jerky Direct.



So today, I found myself once again magically pulling out my credit card to join Jerky Direct.


Bottom Line:

It’s $12 bucks a month for 2 bags of jerky that will be eaten by my kids the minute it walks through the door.

So, for someone who looks at businesses every day, it was a no brainer.

$12 bucks a month for a snack my kids love, and any money I make referring others is a bonus.


So yeah, I actually felt unusually compelled to join Jerky Direct, which was not at all what I had planned when I woke up this morning.

I’ll let you know how the Jerky tastes if my kids share any with me.  :)


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Hopefully this Jerky Direct review has been a solid source of information for you.

It’s a 30 year old company.

It’s beef jerky.

It’s $12 bucks a month.

What more is there to say?


Click Here NOW To Check Out Jerky Direct


Make It A Great Day,


Ken Acree

“Couldn’t Pass Up Some Good Jerky”



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Edit to add:  Got my Jerky Direct jerky in the mail today.  It is DELICIOUS.  I’m having to fight off my kids and the cat for it.  :)

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