MLM Recruiting Formula That Works Every Time

MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting will have you questioning your sanity, until you discover this simple 3-step method.

You will be amazed how easy it becomes after you see the system that those of us in the know have been using for years.

How did we become “in the know?”

Someone who cared about our success taught us this critical MLM recruiting formula,  just as I’m about to teach you.

MLM Recruiting

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MLM Recruiting Formula For (Almost) Guaranteed Success

This 3 Step MLM Recruiting formula is more than likely the one thing holding you back from the success that you crave.

And why wouldn’t you crave success?

It isn’t necessarily an ego trip, right?

You desire success not for the status, but for what it will do for you and your family.

Think about the biggest bill that you have due this month.

Think about how much you will have to do without just to avoid being LATE on your payment!

Now pay attention to how you feel.

Did your chest tighten?

Is your breathing labored?

Success for you means making that pain go away, whatever the pain may be.

No more worries about too much MONTH being left when the MONEY runs out.

Breathing room to take your spouse out to dinner.

To take the kids on vacation.

Enough excess to pay CASH for a new vehicle.

So you can ride in style, safety, and comfort.

Now how do you feel?

Does imagining a better future for you and your family put a big smile on your face?

If so, then listen closely as I spell out the MLM Recruiting method that will allow you to change your life forever.

As I said, it is almost guaranteed.  I’ll explain why it is almost instead of 100% here in a minute.

MLM Recruiting Step 1 – Share Don’t Spill

You need to think Soup here.

Step one to recruiting success in your Network Marketing business is to share your opportunity with as many targeted prospects as possible.

When you go to share, picture in your mind that you are offering a bite of hot soup to your spouse or significant other.

You want to carefully share just enough to give them a taste and leave them wanting more.

What would happen if you picked up the bowl of soup and poured it all over them?

Divorce, probably.

Yet that that it was the majority of new marketers do in their MLM recruiting.

They pour out everything they know about the business and product.

Not only does it make a big mess, but it leaves your prospect heading for the exits.

MLM Recruiting Step 2 – Firm Follow Up

You may have heard that “the fortune is in the follow-up.”

This is absolutely true.

The sharpest marketers will jump on a great idea right away, but even with them the timing may not be right.

On average, it takes 4-6 exposures before someone makes the decision to comes on board with you.

Here’s a tip…

Don’t ask for permission to follow up.

This may seem rude, but it is important that you get used to the subtlety here.

Let the prospect know that you will be following up, and if at all possible set a firm appointment for that follow up.

Unless the prospect objects, then they are giving you tacit consent to keep the appointment.

When you ask for permission, you are giving the “objection wheel” in the prospect’s head a chance to start spinning.

As long as you feel good that this is a qualified prospect, then YOU guide them through the necessary steps.

You are the professional, after all.

Following up with prospects becomes even easier when you learn to automate the process.

I’ve been able to automate over 90% percent of the follow up routine through the use of various Online Marketing Tools.


Step #3 To Your Bullet Proof MLM Recruiting System

You have to ask for a decision.

Here’s an example:

“Jane, I would love to have you as part of my team!  What’s keeping you from getting started right now?”

Jane will probably reply with, “Nothing.”

“Great!  Let’s get started.”  Or, “Outstanding!  Which Package makes the most sense to you?”

If instead Jane gives you a reason that she is not ready to go, that’s ok too.

Fantastic, actually.

Simply address her objection by getting her questions answered.

Then dive back in and ask for a decision again.


Most people fail at MLM Recruiting not because they don’t talk to enough people, but because they don’t ask for enough decisions.


Which leads us directly back to the explanation of WHY this formula cannot be 100% guaranteed.

The variable part of the equation is YOU.

There is no way of knowing if you will follow this MLM recruiting formula to a T.

Any time I have coached or counseled someone struggling with MLM recruiting, the truth always came out.

Either they weren’t talking to enough people, weren’t following up, or weren’t asking for enough decisions.

Take all these steps consistently and failure is not possible.


The only other factor for you to consider is whether or not you have enough people to talk to.

Let’s face it.  Once get started with Step 1, steps 2 and 3 are on YOU and flow pretty naturally.

But if you don’t have enough prospects to begin with, you might be in DEEP TROUBLE.

I use a system called MLSP to generate laser targeted leads for my MLM business on a daily basis.

In fact, this system makes the entire MLM Recruiting process much simpler.

From Prospecting, to following up, to closing the deal.

You can read a thorough review of the system here.

Please do me a favor and begin implementing this 3 step MLM Recruiting process immediately.  Then come back and comment to share your results with others.  Also, thanks for “liking” and sharing this article with the rest of your team.


Make It A Great Day,

Ken Acree

“100% Boss-Free Since 2010″

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Ken, your ability to rank articles is awesome.  Cool to see Google giving your site authority.  Great job!  The piece on following up is huge.  I think there are a ton of people that just plain don't follow up, which is why they aren't growing. 

kenacree moderator

@JasonLeeHQ Thanks Jason.  Ranking on search engines is no different than MLM Recruiting.  Find someone who knows what they're doing.  Copy their methods.  Take consistent action, adding your own voice and personality along the way.

And yeah, follow up is THE key.  The average person only enrolls after 4-6 exposures.  The average distributor contacts a prospect ONCE (or never).

Do the math.  :)


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