Origami Owl Reviews: Should You Jump In?

Origami Owl Reviews

You may have seen other Origami Owl reviews talking about problems or trouble with the company.

This review examines the issues so that you will know whether Origami Owl is a good fit for you.

You might be SHOCKED to discover the TRUTH behind the rumors in other Origami Owl reviews.

Origami Owl Reviews:  Inside Perspective

origami owl reviews

I recently caught up with Origami Owl Independent Designer Sara Cranfill to get her inside take on the opportunity with this company.

What better way to get the details than to speak with someone who is in the mix on a daily basis?

We will tackle the easy stuff first.

Later, we’ll get into the more controversial discussion.

Origami Owl Reviews:  What is most appealing about the company?


Sara says, “Surprisingly, even to me, the craftsmanship and product quality is much better than what I’ve seen from jewelry at the same price point.”


This matches up with everything I’ve been hearing.  People are going CRAZY about the quality of this jewelry.


What kind of money can be made with Origami Owl?


According to Ms. Cranfill, “Not only is the ability to earn income there but we also get a discount of 30-50% on all of the products! That translates to a pretty good profit margin for us on just our retail sales (not team commissions). I’m currently averaging in the 35-40% profit margin range on all parties.”


Pretty much in-line with other “Party Plan” type companies.

These sales organizations are designed to pay a large percentage of the commission directly into the pocket of the front-line consultant.

That is, the lady (or gentleman) who is actually in the home, conducting the party.

Sara also alluded to “team commissions,” which indicates that you can also benefit from building a team of designers.

More on that in just a second


How can you get started with Origami Owl?


OK.  Here’s where things get a little bit complicated.

First, here’s what Sara has to say about the enrollment process and qualifications:


“To become a Designer is fairly reasonable too with a package as cheap as $150 on up to $400. It’s fairly easy to stay an active designer too as all you have to do is purchase or sale $99 worth of product in a 6 month period. (To qualify for some of the monthly team bonuses you have to do that monthly) but 1 party easily does that.”


Simple enough.  So here’s the tricky part…


“With all that said; there is a waiting list to get in as a designer and it is currently lengthy. They have it to manage growth. When I first got on it I was at 4,000 and they were letting 2,500 in weekly. Last I heard it was upwards of 17,000.”


This is the source of much of the controversy surrounding Origami Owl.

The company is growing so quickly that (at the time of this writing) you have to join a waiting list to get involved!

To contact Sara on Facebook about joining her team, click here.

Growing quickly is certainly not a bad thing, IF the company can manage the growth.

It looks like they are doing everything they to act responsibly.

By preventing out of control expansion, they are actually protecting the businesses of current Designers.

Origami Owl Reviews:  What are my options?

What if I want to start NOW?

If you have your heart set on being a Designer for Origami Owl, your best bet is to join the waiting list.

Who knows?  By the time you read this, you may be able to get started right away.

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Origami Owl Reviews:  How Can You Maximize Your Earnings?

You can certainly earn a nice part-time income throwing parties with Origami Owl, or similar companies like South Hill Designs.

But the BIG MONEY is made by building a team.

When you build a team, you help a lot of other people earn income.

In the process, you earn a small percentage from the efforts of many.

This SMALL percentage can add up to BIG BUCKS when your team is large enough.

And extra money is nice, but let’s face it.

It isn’t really about the money, but rather what that money will do for you and your family.

When you build your Team, will you still be driving the same car?

Living in the same house?

Where will you vacation next year after developing a walk-away, residual income?

Over the past few years, our marketing group has perfected an online team building system.


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Hopefully, you’re finally through reading Origami Owl reviews. 

Now is the time to get in and get busy, whether with Origami Owl or something else.


Make It A Great Day,


Ken Acree

“100% Time Freedom Since 2010″


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