Pure Leverage Reviews: As Complex As It Seems?

No doubt you’ve been scouring the internet in search of Pure Leverage Reviews.  There is a lot of misinformation contained in some of these Pure Leverage reviews and frankly, it can be quite confusing.

Relax! Here is the inside scoop, and answers to the most puzzling questions so you can make an informed decision.  Hold onto your seat… what you learn next may well startle, if not SHOCK you to your CORE!

Pure Leverage Reviews – Is it Really Worth It?

Pure Leverage Reviews

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

If you’ve been researching opportunities on the internet for long, you are aware that there are plenty of “money games” where product is an afterthought.

There are also businesses that are big on hype, but short on delivery.

Pure Leverage is not one of those.

In fact, as you may have discovered in other Pure Leverage reviews, the Pure Leverage product suite REALLY DELIVERS a tremendous and needed value for the online marketing professional.

Let’s quickly break this down…

Video E-Mail

Marketers routinely pay $20-$45 or even more for a quality video email service.  Video email is included as part of the Pure Leverage base package, totaling $24.95 per month.


Everyone who operates any business or website online HAS TO have an auto-responder service.  Popular options today run from $19 per month and up JUST FOR STARTERS!  The bigger your list grows, the more you will spend.

Pure Leverage gives you a fully functional, yet VERY SIMPLE to setup and use auto-responder service and allows you up to 10,000 names on your list as part of their base $24.95 per month package.  This could easily cost you $100 or more from a competitor.

One more point about the auto-responder that is very important to make.  This is not in any way intended to trash any competitors, but you don’t have to search Google very long to find examples of HIGHLY FRUSTRATED marketers who have had their auto-responder accounts suspended because of unwarranted spam complaints.

Don’t get me wrong, Pure Leverage does not tolerate true SPAM.  However, as a company, Joel Therien and the guys are extremely “marketer friendly” and understanding of the fact that with a big list often comes bogus complaints of spam.  The team at Pure Leverage reviews any incident with a definite slant in favor of conscientious, hard working marketers.  Good news for you, and a breath of fresh air in this profession.

Live Web Conferencing Service

This is pretty sweet.  More and more marketers are turning to live webinars as an efficient means of staying connected to their teams around the globe.  Monthly fees for these services typically range from around $30 up to hundreds of dollars in some cases.  This service with a room for up to 100 participants is included with the Pure Leverage $24.95 package.

Authority Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your message out to the masses, and your own authority blog on the Pure Leverage domain is part of the basic $24.95 package.

By the time you add up the cost of purchasing a domain, hosting, themes, and various plugins, most marketers spend $100 or more just to get their own personal blog up and running, in addition to ongoing monthly fees.  Not to mention the time involved to learn all of the ins and outs of putting a blog together, optimizing it for search engines, etc.

All of these fees are eliminated with your own authority blog on the Pure Leverage domain.  You may still want to have a separate personal blog, but the Pure Leverage blog is a fantastic way for beginners to learn the ropes of blogging while saving tons of cash.

You may have read other Pure Leverage reviews that mentioned the authority blog but didn’t really explain what that means.  Let me answer that for you.

By “authority,”  we simply mean that it is a high traffic domain with lots of credibility with search engines.  As of this writing, the Pure Leverage domain is already one of the top 2,000 highest trafficked sites in the United States after only a few days in business.  Truly remarkable.

What does this mean to you?  High authority means greater likelihood that your content will rank on the search engines, which of course means more sales for whatever you are promoting!

*(The Pure Leverage Authority Blog component is now ACTIVE as of 07/25/2013).

Paid Advertising

I haven’t seen this mentioned in many Pure Leverage reviews, but this is an awesome feature for you if you decide to become a reseller of the Pure Leverage tool suite, and have a marketing budget to work with.

I’ll go into more detail about the business side of Pure Leverage a little later in this review, but for if you choose to go that route, Joel Therien and his team have negotiated some very reasonably priced co-op ad buys for members.  If you’ve ever experienced a few head scratching moments and blown through a wallet full of credit cards in an attempt to master online paid advertising, then you KNOW how valuable this piece is.

As you can see, strictly from a product standpoint, Pure Leverage delivers tremendous value to the online marketing profession.  You are getting well over $100 worth of the tools that you MUST HAVE to grow your business online, for a steal at $24.95 per month.

I haven’t even gotten into the $97 VIP program which includes exclusive marketing training from some of the leading professionals online today.  There are also pre-built, turnkey campaigns included for everyone who wants to earn 100% commissions marketing Pure Leverage (I will get to that in a minute…stay tuned).

Suffice it to say that the team at Pure Leverage reviews EVERYTHING that is working online and brings us the most cutting edge training and tools as they come available, and BEFORE the rest of the world has heard about them.

**OK, before we discuss the business side of Pure Leverage, I will address some of the main questions some Pure Leverage reviews have attempted to cover, while others have left out completely.  If you have read enough Pure Leverage reviews and are the kind of person who “learns by doing,” go ahead and click on the banner below to start your Pure Leverage test drive.  As of this writing you can get started for only $1 buck…subject to increase at any time!

Pure Leverage Instant Reseller

Some Pure Leverage reviews claim that it is trying to compete against Empower Network, what gives?

I’ve noticed that some Pure Leverage reviews paint this company as a competitor or challenger to the Empower Network.  Honestly, these Pure Leverage reviews are barking up the wrong tree.

Is Taco Bell competing with Kentucky Fried Chicken just because Taco Bell sells chicken tacos?

Not really.  In fact, Taco Bell and KFC are owned by the same company.

They aren’t competitors, but rather are complementary to one another.

Because sometimes you want fried chicken, but sometimes you’ve gotta have a taco.

Pure Leverage and Empower Network both have a blog as part of their platform, but that is where the similarities end.

In fact, if you are currently promoting Empower Network, then you DEFINITELY need to be promoting Pure Leverage as well.

The video email, and web conferencing features are the perfect tools to promote Empower, or any other business.  Even better, you can create an additional income stream along the way, because everyone in your existing business will want to take advantage of these tools at this price!

Some Pure Leverage Reviews say that I can get rid of MLSP…

I don’t agree with this at all.  I would say that Pure Leverage and MLSP are in fact PERFECT complements.

MLSP is the best attraction marketing system on the planet, and they have been honing their craft online since 2008.

Your best bet is to promote the Pure Profits offers in the MLSP Mastery system, and then to use the Pure Leverage tools to stay connected to your team.  You should promote BOTH MLSP and Pure Leverage in addition to your primary business.

This is the ultimate leverage.  Multiple streams of income are your insurance policy in the sometimes unpredictable business environment.

One income stream is great, but wouldn’t 3 or 4 be much better?  Is there really any argument here?

One of the oldest sayings in the book is “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.”  Mastering this concept is the difference between being a “Marketer” and simply a peddler of products.

According to some Pure Leverage reviews, it is an MLM…is this true?

Absolutely not!  The Pure Leverage tool suite is the perfect promotional device for any MLM, or any business PERIOD.

The business model for those who choose to promote Pure Leverage is a traditional affiliate model where you only get paid on the efforts of your direct referrals, so there are no “levels.”


There is a VERY LUCRATIVE twist that causes Pure Leverage to PAY YOU MORE than most MLMs in existence.

More on that in just a second…

Bottom Line:  Should I become a Pure Leverage affilliate reseller?

This is a personal choice.  I’m sure by now you’ve read enough from this and other Pure Leverage reviews to know that you are going to purchase the Pure Leverage Product Suite.  There is no other value its equal online today.

As far as becoming a reseller is concerned, ask yourself this question: 

If I see the value in these Pure Leverage reviews, then won’t everyone else see it too?

If you’re involved in MLM Network Marketing, or any kind of online marketing, then not only will you use these tools, but so will many of your associates.  I see no reason for you to leave money on the table.  When you refer these products to others, everybody wins.

OK, what’s the whole deal (how does the money work)?

Simple, powerful, lucrative.

The basic plan is $24.95 per month for all of the tools (and more) described above.

Should you choose to become a reseller, you will also pay a $19.97 monthly affiliate fee.  This fee covers the cost of doing business for Pure Leverage (merchant fees, upgrades, support, and a small profit).

The fee is necessary because Joel Therien and the team at Pure Leverage are paying out 100% commissions on product sales!

That IS NOT a misprint.

Here’s how it works.

You make 100% month one on your personal sales.

Starting month two, you make 50% residual on the monthly subscriptions of your direct affiliates


and here is where it gets POWERFUL

a 50% check match on each of your direct affiliates!

So imagine how much you will be earning in residual each month when you have just 4 or 5 affiliates promoting Pure Leverage with you.

Now get out your calculator and figure out how big your check match will be when that number hits 50.  Or 150!

That’s Pure Leverage, and now you can see why many are calling this the most lucrative program for the largest number of marketers on the planet today!

You may or may not have read about this in other Pure Leverage reviews, but it actually gets even better than this.  Much, much better.

Currently there is also a $97 VIP level which includes training so secret that I’m not at liberty to discuss the details with you.  Seriously.

When you are a VIP member with Pure Leverage, you also hold resell rights for the VIP training.  That means 100% commissions for the $97 VIP package as well.

If you thought you were going to make a lot of cash at $24.95 a pop, you might want to get that calculator back out!

I told you that you were through reading Pure Leverage reviews. :)

Now all that you need to do is take the Pure Leverage test drive.  Once you become a paid member, contact me to join my private marketing team, and I will let you in on all of my best secrets for promoting Pure Leverage online.


Ken Acree

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I love the Pure Leverage tool suite, and the blog is great too. It took a little while for everything to come together but it's a great set of tools that have really given me a huge edge in business. 


Like what I read but I have a question.   I have experienced difficulty in setting up lead capture pages. What support will I have if i go into PL under you?


Awesome post Ken ,Pure Leverage has a nice suite of internet marketing tools. My friend actually gave me a quick detour of the presentation software they have, that alone is worth what they charge per month.

Ken Acree
Ken Acree

Hi Phil,

It always makes sense to perform your due diligence, which you have done by reading this article.

While there are no guarantees in this world, allow me to put your mind at ease.

Joel Therien is also the founder of GVO, and has been marketing successfully online since 1998.

Amazing track record, and one of the primary reasons that I got involved and am promoting Pure Leverage so aggressively with my Team.

Phil Dyer
Phil Dyer

I'm interested in joining Pure Leverage but I am nervous. Seems like a new get rich quick is popping up all the time. How do I know this will last?

kenacree moderator


Lauren, I agree.  Pure Leverage actually had some challenges at the start because they grew TOO FAST.  Now things are clicking along pretty well.  At $25 bucks, it's a no-brainer.

kenacree moderator


Most of the support you will get from me is marketing support.  My focus is on driving traffic and conversion into sales, and that's what I'll help with most.

 If you have a tech issue that is unresolved for some reason, there is also a PL Facebook group where you can get some quick help.

I would love to have you as part of the team.  Let me know what other questions you have...

kenacree moderator

@TyronneRatcliff Yeah, we've had a lot of good luck with Pure Leverage.  It's getting better every day...


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