Rocket Cash Cycler: Road to Riches or One to Avoid?

Rocket Cash Cycler

Could Rocket Cash Cycler be the surefire money maker that you’ve been looking for?

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I’ve earned a full-time living from home through MLM Marketing and Online Marketing since 2010, and I must confess…

Programs like Rocket Cash Cycler have never been my first choice for making money from home.

Don’t get me wrong, Rocket Cash Cycler does have its good points.

I’m a big fan of personal development.

As part of the Rocket Cash Cycler one-time $315 membership fee, you get an extensive library of audio books from the likes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins.  Far better to own these than to hunt all over Youtube looking for just the right video.

But let’s be honest.

Most people don’t join a program like Rocket Cash Cycler for the great products.

Most are attracted to the possibility of earning $5,000 over and over from a one time $315 fee.

And I suppose that makes sense.

I mean, give it some thought.

What would an extra $5,000 mean to your life?

Could you pay off credit card bills?

Make a down payment on a new car?

Or maybe go on a long overdue family vacation?

So I get it.

A friend of mine tells me that he has made $18,000 in 6 weeks with Rocket Cash Cycler.

I have no reason to doubt him, even though we all understand that there are no guarantees with any money making program.

Still, that’s kind of crazy money.

So I can understand why you might want to join Rocket Cash Cycler just for the possibility of turning $315 into $5,000 over and over.

If you check it out and like what you see, you can click here to join Rocket Cash Cycler.

*If you are going to join, it would be wise to join through this link.  Since there is spillover with this program, and A LOT of people will be reading this blog and clicking this link.  Make sense?

Rocket Cash Cycler

What I prefer to Rocket Cash Cycler

Like I said, Rocket Cash Cycler wouldn’t be my first choice to make money from home.

The reason is simple.

I like to be more in control of my income.

You see, with Rocket Cash Cycler there is an element of luck involved.

With a couple of breaks you might get paid thousands of dollars despite doing very little work.

And hey, don’t get me wrong.  I’ll take a check for doing nothing anytime somebody wants to send me one.

But I prefer to promote programs that pay me directly for my efforts without much mystery involved.

I also like businesses that will pay me when I help others earn a check.

You can hear all about such a program at pure leverage reviews.


I like this program for three reasons.


1.  They have a product that every online marketer needs at a great price.

2.  They pay 100% commissions on your personal sales + 50% residual commission each month (control of your income).

3.  They pay a 50% check match each month on the sales of your personal referrals (paid to help others).


You can check out this program for yourself by clicking here.


Nothing against Rocket Cash Cycler, really.  If you choose to join I can’t really blame you.

It just wouldn’t be my first choice for building lasting residual income from home.

Who has had success with Cash Cycler programs?  Please leave your comments below…let’s talk about it!


Make it a Great Day,

Ken Acree

“100% Boss-Free Since 2010″

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They can lie to you.

They are a scam.

They don't care people on low income budget. I get SSDI.

I work 2 days a week.

I can't afford it!


I would like more information. I need a marketing program with it as well. Do you have anything like that.

Can you send me an email? Or I'm sure I can just come back here and see what was said. Thanks.


They need something for people on low income.

Like $100.00 or under.

kenacree moderator

@ReneeK Hello Renee,

I sent you an email.  Thanks for dropping by the site!


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